Featured RDI project

& RDI partnerships

Featured RDI project

& RDI partnerships

RDI Institutions Partnerships

We continuously engage in collaborative Research, Development and Innovation projects as part of our sustained strategy for technological leadership.

RDI Institutions Partnerships

We continuously engage in collaborative Research, Development, and Innovation projects as part of our sustained strategy for technological leadership.

National Ongoing RDI Projects

National Ongoing RDI Projects

POWER – Empowering a Digital Future

The project “POWER – EMPOWERING A DIGITAL FUTURE” aims to structurally, transversally, and comprehensively support the evolution of the current portfolio of Products and Services (P&S) at Altice Labs toward a new concept of integrated offerings.

HfPT – Health from Portugal

The HfPT agenda aims to position Portugal as an international reference hub in the design, development, and production of advanced solutions aimed at health markets, based on innovation and technology.

NEXUS Innovation Pact

Promotion of an Agenda around logistics and transport networks focused on innovating, developing, demonstrating, and initiating the valorization and exploitation of products and services, with a strong export potential, which addresses the main challenges and gaps identified in logistics.

Test Bed NextGen Mobility

The project aims to support SMEs and Start-ups by focusing on the development of products and services for the digitalization of mobility and smart infrastructures. NextGen Mobility aims to be a catalyst for advances in smart and green road infrastructures at a national level, bringing together the areas of Information Technology, and Mobility and Logistics.

RDI Projects

City Catalyst – Catalyst for sustainable cities

The mobilizing project “City Catalyst — Catalyst for sustainable cities” aims to investigate and develop new products, processes, and services. With high potential, contributing to an integrated, efficient, and innovation-catalyzing urban management, based on specific contributions to the implementation and interoperability of urban platforms.

RDI Projects

Augmanity – Augmented Humanity

The project Augmanity intends to address the main challenges to the industry in an age of unprecedented uncertainty, by developing relevant technologies that make industry workplaces more attractive in the future (e.g., : by providing intelligent and interactive wearables for the workforce).

RDI Projects

5G AUTO – Development and testing of 5G V2X technology to support autonomous driving

The 5G-AUTO project intends to research, develop and test innovative hardware and software solutions to support C-ITS intelligent transport services over the 5G V2X radio telecommunications infrastructure.

RDI Projects

FLOYD – Domain mobility applications

Intelligent 5G / SDN systems for low-latency V2X cross-site communications.
The FLOYD project aims to build a technology stack to deliver high-performance computing/network services to vehicles.

RDI Projects

Invisible 5G – Virtually Invisible Small – Cells for 5G Densification

Development of a 5G base station, with reduced dimensions, low power, hidden (or practically invisible), which can be integrated discreetly and harmoniously in urban furniture, such as utility poles, lighting poles, or even technical cabinets.

RDI Projects

plugPON – PLUGgables to upgrade and simplify 10G and beyond PONs

Conceived by PICadvanced and the member consortium, the plugPON project aims to design and develop pluggable optoelectronics transceivers, as well as key equipment and features for the different optical access networks.

SAFE-HOME – Security-Aware Fog-based Efficient Home Monitoring for Elders

SAFE-HOME is an innovative project, which aims at designing a monitoring system for elders to understand their activity level and with the ability to identify emergency situations.

National Ongoing RDI Projects

European Ongoing RDI Projects


VR2Care aims to address Virtual Reality in smart living environments by enabling a multi-user mixed reality service, available for embodied exercising group in different physical locations at the same time and with expert exercise supervision.


DISCRETION has as its main goal to integrate and combine Software Defined Networks (SDN) with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) to build a network architecture that is highly secure, scalable, resilient, and robust to support defense tactical, operational, and strategic communications.


5G-EPICENTRE will deliver an open 5G experimentation platform focused on software solutions that serve the needs of PPDR (Public Protection & Disaster Relief). The envisioned platform will enable SMEs and developers to acquire knowledge aligned with the latest 5G applications and approaches for first responders and crisis management, as well as to build up and experiment with their solutions.


SUNRISE-6G is proposing a scalable, open, and standards-compliant approach to experimentation and vertical application deployment in a pan-European Federation of 6G infrastructures, that provides access to a comprehensive library of 6G enablers.


6G-PATH aims to foster the development of new technologies supporting 6G, both in close collaboration with other 6G-IA projects and through the process of Open Calls to engage European companies developing innovations for B5G and 6G systems, as well as bringing new UCs and pilot sites to the ecosystem.


IMAGINE-B5G is expected to create an advanced and accessible end-to-end 5G platform for large-scale trials and pilots, bringing together four advanced 5G experimental facilities, in Norway, Spain, Portugal and France.


The 1st segment of the European quantum communication network in Portugal, called PTQCI, was awarded by the European Commission to a consortium involving Altice Labs, within the scope of the first call for proposals of the Digital European Programme.

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