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6G-PATH aims to foster the development of new technologies supporting 6G, both in close collaboration with other 6G-IA projects and through the process of Open Calls to engage European companies developing innovations for B5G and 6G systems, as well as bringing new UCs and pilot sites to the ecosystem. Altice Labs will bring expertise in network infrastructure and smart city services to the project. It will make its B5G experimental network available to enable innovative smart cities verticals and third-party service trials. It will also bring the “Live!Urban” ecosystem to the project, encompassing a data management and analytics platform to provide a holistic and detailed view of the city. Altice Labs will explore the project results by developing specific offerings and business plans to address different potential customers adequate to its market; and will leverage the results and expertise gained through the project to prepare the evolution to the next generation of network systems and smart cities service portfolio.


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