For a group like Altice, which has a very clear investment strategy in Telecom and Media, a technological publication such as InnovAction, is particularly relevant, firstly as a vehicle to share the most relevant technologic developments and knowledge throughout the group’s operations all over the world and, secondly, as a way to reinforce Altice’s firm commitment to technological innovation and the future.

The future is ahead.
Go for it!

All the telecommunications players have now realised the importance of metamorphosing into a digital service provider if they ever aspire to excel in this new digital era, where not only the customers but also the experience provided to them should be the focus.

Time for a new landscape

Digital service providers (DSPs) are, once again, at the epicentre of a new relevant digital transformation of the industry! Boosted by the vast data heritage accumulated or accessed to over the years, this new wave of change is the perfect opportunity for the DSP to redefine itself in three key areas: the creation of new services, operational efficiency and user experience.

Willing to thrive and be the best, DSPs are committed with the change, defining and designing new strategies and information architectures powered by a new silver bullet: Artificial Intelligence! New operational insights, produced by new decision tools, will anticipate and create new market scenarios and realities leading to new products and services and, ultimately, to new business value.

And this is just the beginning because the possibilities associated with Artificial Intelligence and in particular Machine Learning are limitless: from process automation to recommendation systems supported on previously unknown patterns, solutions that support the DSP’s activity should migrate to “cognitive-infused” models! These models will create cognitive organisations where intelligence is applied across multiple domains in an entirely new landscape, a cognitive landscape!

Year over year, aware of the most relevant industry trends and supported on their own R&D, Altice Labs publishes InnovAction, a technological magazine strategically designed to share the most relevant research and technical knowledge that will help DSP to reinforce their innovative capabilities.

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