The (digital) transformation

In this digital era, populated by the digital natives, telecommunication and media industries have been facing major disruptive and unpredictable forces, having to rapidly adapt and rethink their strategies while still delivering top quality service to their clients and value to all stakeholders. The real market battle today is not with the traditional players but with the global players, like the so-called GAFA.

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InnovAction is more than just technology

It’s about the main digital trends that the new providers need to somehow address in order to fit the current market context, more and more digital.

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InnovAction 2018 edition

All the telecommunications players have now realised the importance of metamorphosing into a digital service provider if they ever aspire to excel in this new digital era, where not only the customers but also the experience provided to them should be the focus. Having this in mind, and under the theme of the data-driven digital service provider, Altice Labs publishes the third edition of InnovAction, with a total of fifteen articles.

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