With the process of digital transformation and transition taking place in an increasingly accelerated and globalized way, three technological pillars are considered extremely relevant for its realization, namely high-performance communication infrastructures, cloud computing and communication systems and supercomputing systems. In this webinar we will address the 3rd pillar: Supercomputing.

Supercomputing (or HPC – High Performance Computing, as it is generally called) is nowadays a critical tool to understand complex challenges, quickly generating the necessary knowledge about them so that they can be transformed into concrete opportunities for innovation, generating economic and social value.

The 5th Moving Forward Webinar / 2021 Edition with the theme “High Performance Computing – Supercomputing took place on the 7th of July 2021 at 11.15am.

  • Pedro Carvalho – Innovation Ecosystem at Altice Labs
  • José Couto – President of the Superior Council of Vissaium XXI
  • Alcino Lavrador – General Manager of Altice Labs
  • João Barbosa – Scientific Visualization Researcher at MACC
  • Bruno Januário – Specialist in Analytical Software Development at Softinsa/IBM
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