Europe’s dual green and digital transition has set a common transformative horizon for 2030. Let’s briefly consider the impact this vision can have on our cities.

The maps of a city, in its diversity – underground and aboveground transport, communications, electricity, gas, water, sanitation, pedestrian routes, services, service schedules, services without schedules, security, leisure and leisure, heritage, tradition, culture and sport; inhabitants and visitors, decision makers, lovers and lovers, to mention some more or less visible dimensions of the city – they are part of a collective, subjective and free ecology of the territory, from which other forms of life are not excluded. We easily understand the role of creativity in managing such a complex system. Creativity and cultural diversity define the inclusive and tolerant city, integrating many communities. Is the creative city a city within a city? There are one or several models of the creative city, for example: as an event capable of generating a “collective capacity to transform”, to use an expression of the European Ecological Pact?

In the creative city we can find space for the city of imagination. In the future, can we conceive of a global network of cities of imagination?

The 4th Moving Forward Webinar / 2021 Edition with the theme “Creative Cities” took place on the 19th of May 2021 at 11.30am.

  • Paulo Pereira – Head of Technology and Innovation Strategy at Altice Labs
  • João dos Santos – Artist, Director of Caldas da Rainha School of Arts and Design – Polytechnic of Leiria and moderator of this webinar
  • André Cester Costa – Head of Division in Aveiro City Council and Manager of the Project “Aveiro STEAM City”
  • Guilherme Gomes – Actor and Director – Performing Arts in the Context of Digital Transformation
  • Luís Ferreira – Cultural Programmer – Cities as Creative Space
  • Sérgio Lorga – Executive Director of Vissaium XXI
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