During the 2018 edition, the Web Summit had around 70000 participants from 160 countries, more than 1200 speakers, more than 1500 investors and more than 2600 journalists, the biggest edition ever, according to the organization.

Altice Labs was present throughout the event, actively contributing with demonstrations in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Assistants and Digital and Interactive TV, a presentation of an application for Education (FIT Schools) with the General Directorate of Education, and promotion of the ENTER programme.

In this context, Altice Labs presented its new solutions of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistants, with emphasis in the Alice Robot, developed in partnership with the Follow Inspiration startup, and is equipped with artificial intelligence to interact with people, answering different questions, such as information about the Web Summit, news, suggestions for Lisbon, restaurants and videos search.

The Virtual Assistants management platform, BOTSchool was also presented, with technology that allows any company to create its own Virtual Assistants, train them and control in which channels they will be shown, according to their needs, or assist customers in more common activities, such as: checking balances, knowing the TV programming, supporting PIN/PUK access, resetting the WiFi password, diagnosing a connectivity problem with the Set -Top Box, VoIP configuration or Internet access control, or the blocking of some specific devices (parental control).

For the Digital and Interactive TV, Altice Labs presented and demonstrated the new MEO Remote mobile app, which turns a smartphone into a TV command with numerous additional features such as smoother navigation, content themed zapping or quick access to live programs. An R&D component, integrated in this app, was also presented, where the TV control can be performed by voice commands in natural language.

The FIT Escola application was also presented, which will be developed by Altice Labs in a partnership with the Faculty of Human Motricity and the General Directorate of Education, in the context of the Equality of Opportunities and Technology at the service of Education, in a session attended by the CEO of Altice Portugal and the Deputy, Economy and Education Ministers. The goal of this application is to educate and stimulate the student population for a better quality of life, it is expected to be launched in the next academic year and is aimed at teachers (1st phase), students (2nd phase) and family (3rd phase).

See photos of the Altice Labs stand and demonstrations at the Web Summit 2018.