ENTER is part of Altice Labs Open Innovation programme, that aims to develop a relationship and partnership with national and international startups that provide products or services in areas of interest to the Altice Group such as Telco, Media & Content and Data & Advertising.

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The further we want to go, the more connected the teams must be.
This is ENTER’s guideline: so that everyone can reach the next level, they must get together and grow with Altice Labs.

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As entrepreneurs must develop their soft and hard skills we provide workshops, talks and meetups to our community. Don’t miss a thing…

Are you organizing an event, related to innovation and entrepreneurship, and want to do it at ENTER? Send us and email.

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How it works

The startups incubated in our partner network are eligible for one of the following levels of ENTER: Entrepreneur, Associate or Partner.


An aha! moment happens and a great idea is born.


The idea is put into words and sent for evalutation.


A group of experts gathers to evaluate the idea.

The World

Idea accepted. You’re set to conquer the world!

All startups are eligible for the first level: Entrepreneur.
For the Associate and Partner levels, send us your application and await our contact to schedule your project’s – that’s when we evaluate how your project can be fitted in the Altice Group.
Selected projects will become part of the Associate level, and later level up to Partner.


We are looking for startups that develop projects in the following areas: Telco, Media & Content and Data & Advertisement.

Discounts in P&S of the Altice Group.

Access to events promoted at ENTER (under availability).

Access to the ENTER space on a hotdesk basis (due availability)


Technology startups with potential offers to collaborate with the Altice Group.

Solutions, developed by startups, can be introduced in the Altice Group’s business catalogue.

Access to the Altice’s network in a lab environment, with mentor’s support, where startups can test their MPV.

Access to the ENTER space (due availability).


Startups collaborating in the development of products and services with the Altice Group.

Business partnerships development or products and services supply to the Altice Group.

Promotion of the startup through the Altice Group channels and presentation of products and services to potential customers.

Free access to the ENTER space (due availability).



Want to be part of the ENTER programme?

Please fill out the form bellow with the details of your project.

    Send us a summary of your idea, project, product or service as well as its current development status.

    As soon as it is analyzed, we will get back to you asking for more information or to schedule a pitch.

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    These are the companies that challenge us every day to be better and to deliver the best technology to our customers.



    Automaise provides artificially intelligent virtual employees for customer service. Our AI virtual employees can be hired by companies to autonomously execute designated tasks.


    Biti is an inspiring and safe environment where small children can: watch +5000 YouTube curated contents; play educational challenges and remember lovely family moments.


    Clickly is a communication automation platform that allow to monetize every word or image of a website creating an interactive experience with the audience.


    Cuckuu is a free mobile app, for IOS and Android, that uses alarm clocks and social communities together. By doing this, the user has full control over what content is shared and when it is received.


    CinePoker is the first Cinema Digital Boardgame, to play with friends and family, that allows users to combine different actors in their favourite movies!


    Dali combines Virtual Reality (VR) and Big Data Analytics to build a platform where everyone can intuitively create VR environments for data visualization.

    Famous Gadget

    Famous Gadget is an IT base-tech and its main business is to create disruptive software, such as SaaS.

    Follow Inspiration

    Follow Inspiration has hardware and software knowledge for robotics, image recognition and artificial intelligence. The leading-edge technologies is developed for retail, industry and services.


    FuelSave wants to make the world a more efficient, safer and less polluted place to live, through the use of data.

    GEMA Digital

    GEMA develops immersive and interactive experiences for events, brand activations and museums using virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms, interactive installations, videomapping and 4D rooms.

    Legal Vision

    Legal Vision is a legal formalities company for law and accounting professionals. The solution offers to lawyers, notaries, accountants and legal departments the ability to simply outsource their legal formalities.

    Hive Tracker

    Hive Tracker cloud data exchange platform design allows near real-time documents, goods and financial flows tracking, monitoring and securing.

    Hype Labs

    HypeLabs is an artificial intelligent framework that facilitates communication between devices even when there is no phone service or internet connection.


    Inygon is an esports (electronic sports) league and event organizer. Inygon is responsible for the Portuguese League of League of Legends.


    IZI Repair is a marketplace in the automotive maintenance and repair sector, which allows customers to simulate prices in real time and award these services with total transparency.


    Junbi simplifies and automates registration event’s check-ins.

    Lifesense Group

    LifeSense Group is a technology company that develops applications for medical, health and well being. With their patented technology in smart textile, wearable technologies and mobile applications, they turn innovations into reality.


    Lyme provides an exact log of all the messages. Clients can be keep up with their messages and get proof that a message has been sent, received and read.

    Mater Dynamics

    Mater Dynamics is a nanotech startup that develops powerless and wireless sensors for remote monitoring and predictive modeling.


    Oko builds software to automate all the newsrooms by taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


    Optishower provides monitoring equipment and services for hotels, targeting savings in utilities (e.g. electricity, etc.) throughout gamification strategies with their clients.


    Polygon is a technology company specialised in the development of multimodal biometrics, internet and mobile phone solutions.


    PoW developed a new type of bank, to have money and to pay. Their platform works by app, call or website and that obeys the rules of the Bank of Portugal and the ECB.


    Sensefinity develops a 360° complete IoT tracking solution for businesses enabling end to end supply chain visibility: Global Tracking and Monitoring; Indoor Real Time Location System and Cloud Integrated Sensors.


    Shopkit has everything that is needed to start selling online. With the templates available it is easy for the customer to have a professional and elegant store that matches the personality to the customer’s business.


    Simpo wants to make better the buyer’s experience, developing click offer, chat bots and e-commerce solutions.


    Virtusai developed a full-stack IoT platform that abstracts all the complexity and provides versatile smart sensors, a highly scalable and secure cloud platform and an easy to use mobile and web interface.


    Wall-i develop a tool so companies can advertise products and services, in different screens, in real-time and sell advertising space to the brands that want more visibility.


    Watt.is is a data analytics startup focused on data enhancement of smart energy meters, transforming this data into value-added information for energy marketers and end-users (households and small and medium-sized enterprises).



    360imprimir is more than an online printer: a startup or sme can design and order online all their marketing products such as business cards, flyers, posters, among others.


    CardMobili is the leader in the provision of the technology for mobile digital wallets. A technology that will transform the way companies interact with clients and how consumers will buy goods and services.

    Cult of bits

    Development of efficiency tools, for companies, focused on people, resources and information management.


    Business intelligence tool for the processing of non-structured information.


    Eduke.me is a web and mobile video training as a service addressing professionals and companies.


    ezConferences is a platform which allows any person to generate a conference or event synchronized webpage and app with only a logo and a description. The conference or event will be automatically enable with social, program management and advertising tools.


    Hope Care develops e-care and e-health integrated services, focused in the health promotion and allowing the access to care and medical information, no matter the physical distance.

    Landing jobs

    Landing Jobs is a recruitment platform for the technological sector that uses human-to-human recommendations to find the right candidate.


    Marui uses VR to show modeling solutions, animation and rendering / lighting.

    Portal da sabedoria

    Portal da Sabedoria is an e-learning Project that provides educational content, performed by students of excellence and truly passionate about what they do, in different areas like Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Chemistry and Music.


    Qranio, through educational games, with quality content and reward aims to make the learning process into something fun all over the World and to be the reference application in Education and Entertainment.

    Recibos online

    RecibosOnline is an unique solution that allows that companies to produce, in store, legal electronic invoices, without software or hardware changes that already exist.


    QuestãoCuriosa is a Startup whose goal is to promote learning and fun experiences, using the mobile platforms, joining together quality content producers in Portuguese, with eager users. Its first launched project is Sei+ for consumers and companies.


    Smartnow Technologies developed a real-time big data analytics platform for the crowds.


    Whale develops a set of tools that maximizes the brand ROI by exploiting social networks as a strategic CRM approach.


    The connections that ENTER has with the entrepreneurial ecosystem (scientific, academic and business areas) are the key of the programme’s success.


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