In December, Altice Labs launched the 7th edition of InnovAction, under the topic “One step beyond!”.

The articles in this new edition of InnovAction present the demanding but exciting challenges ahead for TELCOS, giving some insights on Altice Labs’ work to address the TECHCO journey, in particular around the following themes:

1. The long and winding road to TECHCO
2. How advanced connectivity is boosting the industry digitalization
3. Uncertainties on PON diffusion
4. An e-health use case enabled by private 5G, AR and edge computing
5. Space communications and applications – a huge potential to unlock
6. How digital business & operations solutions are fostering a smarter life
7. AR over GIS to make field interventions more efficient
8. NOC automation, another step towards autonomous operation
9. Connected life, the path to a smarter ecosystem
10. Agrotech – sensing use cases
11. Can we escape the Metaverse? Should we?
12. Digital health: current trends and applications on innovative care

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Previous editions can be found here.