In January, Altice Labs welcomed two school visits to its headquarters, an opportunity for dozens of students to get in touch with the development of Technology and Information Systems solutions and also to get to know some of the company’s facilities and projects.

On the 18th of January, the Esgueira School Group visited Altice Labs as part of the training activities of the 12th grade Professional Technical Course in Computer Equipment Management. The students attended an institutional presentation and visited the Testing and Approval Laboratory, the Museum and the Prototype Development Laboratory.

On the 25th of January, Altice Labs welcomed a group of approximately 30 students from Ílhavo Secondary School who attend the Professional Technical Course in Computer Systems Management and Programming (11th grade) and the Professional Technical Course in Computer Equipment Management (12th grade). After watching a presentation on the history and mission of the company, a presentation on the NetQ solution and a guided tour of the prototype development laboratory, the museum and the immersive cabin in the leisure room followed. There was also time for a demonstration of the SmartAL product.

In both school visits, students and teachers were very interested and mentioned that the knowledge acquired was an added value for their professional future.