BOTSchool is a platform to create Virtual Assistants (BOTs) that can be used for the most diverse purposes of a company, from Support, Shopping Assistant, Self-Care, Management Assistant, among others.

BOTSchool partnered with SNS24 (National Health Service 24) to help fight the new coronavirus, technologically reinforcing that same line, since the increase in health professionals is no longer enough to handle the high volume of calls . This was a commitment by Altice Portugal, to which Altice Labs associated itself with its technological capacity.

In record time, it was possible to create a Virtual Assistant to help screen users who use the SNS24 line, with symptoms associated with the new COVID-19 virus. The BOT was trained and prepared to be able to respond on the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) of the 808 24 24 24 line and, thus, help the health professionals, who attend this helpline, in a faster diagnosis of its users.