In 2010, the BroadBand Forum established the work area of Fiber Access Networks in order to define a set of requirements and data models for the deployment of Broadband Forum network architectures in access to optical fiber, with the objective of accelerating developments and ensure interoperability. The role of interoperability has only become more important as broadband has grown in popularity and telecommunications operators have evolved their networks to meet the needs of consumers.

It should be noted that on this date (2010) Altice Labs launched the first interoperable ONT that broke the monopoly of OLT’s vendors. This innovation was consolidated with the standardization bodies, leading to an increase in competitiveness in this area and a drastic reduction in the price of terminal equipment. Altice Labs was one of the first companies to obtain certification from the BroadBand Forum (BBF.247), being recognized as one of the most important players in this area.

Following this work and the evolution of technology to 10GPON, in 2020 the Broadband Forum finalized a new certification process for XGS-PON optical network units (ONUs – Optical Network Unit) within the scope of its BBF.247 UN Certification Program. The XGS-PON is an important step for the evolution of the network, namely in the increase of bandwidth and in the support of the 5G BackHaul.

Within the scope of the BBF.247 certification of 2020, Altice Labs obtained the XGS-PON ONU certification with the Fiber Gateway XSR150EX product.