As the popular saying goes, “On St. Martin’s day, fire, chestnuts, and wine.” At Altice Labs, we were true to tradition and held a “magusto” (chestnut roast) during the afternoon of the 11th of November.

Around 200 employees enjoyed St. Martin’s summer that day and gathered at Altice Labs’ garden for the magusto. The scenery was set to perfection! There was ambient music, straw bales for those who wanted to sit down, lights hanging from the trees to decorate the space, branches, and wooden trunks to give a rustic look to the environment. As expected, there were also plenty of roasted chestnuts and jeropiga to go with it.

The employees who participated in the event were satisfied, considering that moments like this allow them to “disconnect from work” and “socialize with colleagues.” Additional Altice Labs’ hubs also celebrated this day: Porto, Oiã, Madeira, and Terceira.