Altice Labs, the innovation center of the Altice group, responsible for supplying various telco/digital services & products for the market, launched its new NOSSIS One Network Telemetry platform, consolidating the Altaia network mediation framework with support for the future of network data collection.

The NOSSIS One platform is on a journey to make Autonomous Operations for the Digital Service Provider (DSP). Altice Labs believes that networks should run themselves with autonomic processes that are able to identify, understand and act with minimum human activities.

Not only do networks need to be virtual and programmable, but OSS systems must also be self-orchestrated and able to adapt to new monitoring or expanded network functions. What in the past could be developed as a static process that required software development to adapt to changes in network or equipment versions is no longer acceptable. OSS platforms today are becoming agile and catalog oriented.

This new concept is an evolution of legacy pooling capabilities which for many years were possible with protocols such as SNMP. Real-time, multiple granularities, flexibility and agility in the provision of new collections but above all the scalability of the solution make network telemetry a solution that feeds assurance platforms directly from the network.

The new NOSSIS One telemetry platform is a cloud solution with both APIs and administration/operation UI that easily allows the monitoring of tens of thousands of network equipment, ready to contribute to the DSP automation journey.