Winners and Finalists

Find below the Winners and Finalists of the 3rd edition of AIIA that stood out among the 90 received entries.

Academia Finalists

Academia Winner

Neural Motor Behaviour in Extreme Driving

This project aims to characterise the neurocognitive and neuromotor responses while driving in extreme conditions to assess and predict human performance. It also intends to highlight that studying neural and behavioural correlation and inter-dependency across the involved parameters can inform autonomous cars and safety procedures for semi-autonomous driving.

Knowledge extraction from semi-structured sources

The main objective of this work is to develop an organizational model capable of dealing with the diversity of data representation without imposing a representation or requiring a priori relations. The model should learn, from latent features present in the data itself, enough information to organize the data sources.

Powering Live Event-Plots with Media AI

The project goal is to offer users an event-plot overview of live events. This goal is achieved by harvesting User Generated Content and creating a “like being there” broadcast experience with Media AI algorithms.

Sorting and collecting organic waste

The project is named Recup’ – Recyclage Et Compostage Urbain Participatif, and aims to offer a solution for households living in flats to recycle their organic waste, which is difficult when you have neither of the tool or the outlet for it. Recup’ consists in renting a kitchen recipient called Bokashi bucket, functioning with the use of Efficients Micro-Organisms, and to collect the bucket every time it is full. We collect it with electric cargobikes so as to stay relevant regarding our objective to offer a solution to an environmental stake: recycling organic waste.

Culture Pic

Culture Pic is a « Shazam » like application that allows users to identify a monument with a single picture.


First lighting projector to ever include animation and motorization.

Startup Finalists

Startup Winner


Enabling a new generation of personalized treatments for Neurodegenerative diseases by using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.


Heptasense is the easiest way to make any camera smart. Our customers just connect their existing cameras to our online platform (via internet) and choose  the video analytics from more than 20 apps (all developed by Heptasense).


Our portfolio includes the Data Market, which is a DaaS platform for high-quality and ready-to-use datasets. It is an e-commerce platform for data, allowing companies to easily search, visualize, download samples and buy datasets, making the process of purchasing data much easier and user friendly.


A GPS tracker that inserted inside the bike structure will allow you to follow it wherever it goes and will prevent your family/colleagues in case of accident.


Ecodisplay® addresses the workspaces’ signage and information display from an IoT and energy efficiency angle. To meet the energetic and connectivity specs and deliver the use cases with the necessary ease, it offers a portfolio of 3 devices and a global management platform.


IXXO BLOCKCHAIN brings energy efficiency to blockchain operations with a new type of consensus among validating nodes. It also integrates well with EUR currency payments through a unique proxy design of blockchain operations to real payment operations. It adds file system support to the blockchain, allowing the blockchain to become a backbone for a distributed data management system. Lastly it integrates “native tokens”, meaning all projects can have balances directly in their own tokens in smart contracts, without referring to some remote artifact. IXXO blockchain is designed for privacy.