Winners and Finalists

Find below the winners and finalists of the 5th edition of AIIA


Academia Winner

Collision Avoidance on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using Deep Neural Networks

Dário Pedro

Conceptual framework focused on unmanned and autonomous aerial vehicles, for the prevention of collision with small objects, seeking to reach acceptable levels of safety and reliability.


Jônatas Manzolli

Mobile application to connect the final users with waste management companies, promoting a mobile commerce platform for selling and buying waste.

Simulation of cardiovascular conditions in patient-specific 3D-printed model

Beatriz Barros

Simulation of cardiovascular conditions in 3D-printed models to widely promote medical education, training and research at a low-cost.


Startup Winner


Glooma is developing a medical screening device that complements the breast self-exam. This device is a glove – SenseGlove – that with the help of piezoelectric sensors it will detect abnormalities, benign or malignant, in the breast tissue, and it will control those abnormalities in size and texture. | AI-enabled 100% automated quality control and traceability

Smartex helps to reduce waste in defect production to 0% in the Textile Industry through Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.

ViBo Health: Smart Health Tracking

ViBo health tracker is an extremity scanner that reads metabolites non-invasively in real time and produces analytics that will report actionable changes to the users’ health.