Winners and Finalists

Among the 82 entries received, we decided to consider not only 3 finalists in the Startup Category but 6 finalists – 3 semi-finalists from Portugal and 3 semi-finalists from France.

Get to know each of the Altice Innovation Award Winners and Finalists.

Academia Finalists

Academia Winner

Towards 5G: TB/S Speed Telecom Payloads

Vanessa Duarte

Direct broadcast, broadband multi-media and broadband internet access requirements are driving the development of next generation telecom satellites and are expected to be a key revenue generator. As the operators push for more and more capacity it is today well understood that conventional RF-beamforming technology cannot accommodate the explosion of capacity requirements. The potential solution for flexible Tb/s payloads based on photonics has been defined and relies on optical beamforming. This is where the project comes into play. An application-driven, technology-intensive project that aims to provide the missing enabling technologies for the development of a new generation practical, low-cost and high capacity beamforming Tb/s payload system. The project developed technology will enable the sustained entry of photonics inside payloads disrupting the capacity upgrade of multi-beam telecommunication satellite payloads.

Computing Power Marketplace

Roman Trotsyuk

Computing power marketplace, the service which connects computing power providers (Clients of Altice and others people, who have any devices like smartphones, PC, servers, smart TV, smart fridges and others) with the users who need the computing power. Example: Clients pay to Altice, Altice pays the providers.

Machine for Grid

Olga Savchuk

In the decade to come, we anticipate that market and policy forces will shape the future energy system to become: electricity-dominated, decentralized-dominated, and inverter-dominated. These shifts result in a profound change of the European electricity grid where the future power grid changes towards stochastic and distributed generation units, bi-directional flows, and controllable demand. Such a paradigm shift brings novel technical, market and societal challenges, for example higher risks of system failure due to increasing complexity, novel pricing schemes of services due to redefinition of electricity market relationships, as well as privacy and cyber security issues. To address the upcoming power grid challenges, the project proposes a framework for automated intelligent control of grid based on spatio-temporal analysis of electric systems and their environment.

Startup Finalists

Startup Winner

Fuel Save

The mobile app for real-time training in Eco-driving

Fuel Save is developing the only mobile app that performs live training for truck drivers, using unique pairs of data, each truck-driver pair performs differently. Therefore the training is individual to each one. With our unique methodology, road freight companies can save up to 20% in fuel and gas emissions, only by retraining their drivers for better performance.


E-roaming provided by a new electrical charging system

Our service/product solves the EV’s (electrical vehicle) and PHEV (Plug-in Electrical Vehicle) charging dilemma by providing access to the existing grid through a low cost easy to install smart plug connected to a cloud platform through NB-IoT. The platform will connect electrical providers (i.e. Condominiums, companies, shared parking lots, etc.) to EV drivers allowing the EV charging payment in a peer-to-peer system. Mov.e’s EVSE (Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment) charging equipment provides more than the average commuting needs allowing EVs & PHEVs to travel daily from 60km up to 450km, with a fraction of the installation investment and time, granting the best competitive electricity cost in the EVSE market and creating an electrical community that provides unlimited access to the grid in any of the smart plugs installed.


Broadcast audio content via smartphone

In many publics sites, it is almost impossible to understand the announcements (Railways, airports, Exhibition floors…) this is due to loudspeaker, air absorption, noisy environments… At ODIHO, we believe that the headphone or the small speaker included in the smartphone can be the solution: the personal speaker. In order to address the personal device, we are using wifi (and soon LiFi/5G) and our top technologies to bring real time content, high definition, less wifi space, data collection, push info and intuitive interface. There are many advantages for both parts, issuers and listeners: costs, customer journey, interactivity.


Private and secure Live Stream video from smartphone

Plussh, live stream video solutions from smartphone, we provide exclusive video technology solutions in a private and secure mode. We develop tailored Apps branded at the colors of our clients on the B2B market, especially for internal communication but also for broadcast, assisted maintenance, emergency services. Today, our solutions are already adopted by major French large companies such as L’Oréal, La Poste, Carrefour, Société Générale, Orange, Crédit Agricole, Airbus, SNCF. Plussh is more than a disruptive technology, Plussh improves the transmission of information, involves teams in real time, facilitates digital transformation.

Secret City Trails

Secret City Trails takes travelers and locals on city discovery games , during which they solve a trail of cryptic clues via our web app. No downloads are needed, just a little bit of data. Along with each clue, they unlock stories about the sights and area they are in as well as (secret) recommendations to hidden gems and wonderful cafes and bars. The trails are a playful, self-guided, affordable (pay per game) and instantly bookable way of discovering a city. We currently offer our 20+ games in 11 cities across Europe.


Tempow Audio Profile (TAP)

Tempow is a research and design company focused on pushing the limits of Bluetooth technology. Their first product, the Tempow Audio Profile (TAP) is an updated Bluetooth protocol allowing any Bluetooth chip to stream audio on multiple Bluetooth audio outputs simultaneously. It is a 100% software solution, and works with any brand of Bluetooth speaker on any chip.