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AGORA is a modular, scalable and multi-user platform offering a centralized view of a network created by multi-technology devices. AGORA allows an efficient and effective management of network resources according to the operators’ business goals.

AGORA is a Network Management Solution (NMS) that enables control of state-of-the-art technologies such as xPON,, MPLS, and Ethernet and, in the meantime, is also able to support legacy technologies like PDH, TDM, ATM, SDH and xDSL, thus minimizing capital investments at the Network Operational Centers (NOC). Offering a suite of GUI applications, AGORA aims to provide a set of key features for all network management operations like network provisioning, maintenance and monitoring, providing all FCAPS functionalities, such as Fault, Configuration, Administration, Performance and Security. Integration with third-party management/information systems is also assured through a standardized set of Northbound Interfaces (NBI). AGORA runs on LINUX, over general purpose HW, and it’s layered by a modern Java EE stack and a top GUI layer supported by current industry web standard technologies. Given the diversity of markets and businesses, AGORA may be customized in order to meet each client specific needs via a modular and scalable package delivery system. AGORA is a modular, scalable and multi-user platform offering a centralized view of a network, created by multi-technology devices. AGORA allows an efficient and effective management of network resources according to the operators’ business goals.


End-to-end solution for multi-service and multi-technology.

Business benefits

AGORA provides several key benefits, from single technology, single user, low processing requirements to high availability, geo-redundancy and multi-technology management scenarios. It is able to drastically reduce operational costs and increase efficiency by delivering a real-time end-to-end service provisioning along network infrastructure, allowing fast detection of network faults and QoS degradation.

  • Complete Management and control solution of multi-technology and multi-service provisioning;

  • Easy integration and programmability through external and standard interfaces (APIs) that cover the full FCAPs dimensions and deliver virtualizations of the underlying network domain, so that the OSS and external Applications or higher hierarchy SDN Controllers can actually “program the network”;

  • Flexibility to create any kind of script for massive operations in order to offer an easier and faster operation depending on client needs;

  • OPEX reduction provided by network operations simplifications;

  • Scalable solution where it’s possible to “pay as you grow”;

  • Easy and attractive to work through a user-friendly GUI.

Who benefits

Network Operators

Network operators

Engineering Teams

Engineering teams

End customer

End customer

Solution architecture

The AGORA NMS is composed by different applications and components, as represented in the following architecture, that complement each other to achieve a full management experience.<br>It provides a simplification and abstraction of the Network Elements, offering several services and a complete set of tools, which can be exposed for other SDN controllers, Applications or OSS through APIs. These APIs cover the full FCAPs dimensions such as Fault, Configuration, Administration, Performance and Security.<br>The GUI interface allows a direct access to AGORA by the operator, allowing a user-friendly provisioning and monitoring of the global managed resources.

AGORA architecture

Product components

AGORA products

Resource manager

Configure and monitor all resources

  • Resources configuration, state and utilization management;
  • Resources inventory management;
  • High granularity authorization control;
  • Firmware manager;
  • Information resilience and recovery.

Service manager GPON

Global resources configuration and monitoring

  • Support of access technologies such as GPON, NGPON2, and others;
  • Resources abstraction (PMA and PMAA);
  • Simplified service model;
  • Bulk operations.

Service manager MPLS

e2e Service Provisioning

  • MEF oriented services (point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint services);
  • Path computation over a mesh network, offering path rules management;
  • Path protection provisioning;
  • Link bandwidth availability.

Service manager telemetry

Environmental control

  • Support of multiple sensor types;
  • Location management;
  • High level integrated dashboard;

Service manager INCO

Intelligent condominium

  • High technology abstraction;
  • Infrastructure management;
  • Services management (service providers and residential services).

Job scheduler

Operations scheduler

  • Periodic tasks execution management;
  • User defined system scripts;
  • Cron trigger based.

Alarm monitor

Network alarms monitoring

  • List of pending alarms with severity and acting urgency information;
  • Quick and advanced filters and search capabilities/alarm fields setup;
  • Alarms actions (detail, acknowledge, unacknowledge, close, comment);
  • Rules creation (SMS, e-mail, etc).


Network inventory

  • Inventory, alarms, performance and user auditing reports;
  • Basic and advanced filters for easy custom result views (tabular and graphical);
  • Report scheduling and customization;
  • Multiple file export formats (PDF or CSV).

Access control system

Authentication service

  • Authorization, authentication, accounting (AAA);
  • Single Sign On;
  • Centralized management of users and their access rights profiles.

North bound interfaces


  • Full featured management API;
  • REST based with JSON objects;
  • Easy integration and network programmability.

Zero touch configurations (ZTC)

Home gateway provisioning

  • Automated CPE configuration procedure;
  • XML/Text based CPE template files.

QoS Collector

Quality of service

  • Continuous collection of performance data.


A user centric interface

  • User-friendly web interface;
  • Simple, intuitive and coherent for an easy and fast learning;
  • Flexible and efficient, focused on network configuration and monitoring.

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