Project number: 003145

Apoio no âmbito do sistema de incentivos (Medida): SI I&DT Empresarial – Copromoção;

Project Acronym: FutPON

Project Title: Future Passive Optical Networks

Aviso 08 / SI / 2015 – Incentivos à Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológica ( Copromoção)

Investment: € 2 709 729.69

Eligible: € 2 448 649.33

Incentive Non-refundable: € 1,4116 170.77

Refundable incentive: € 55 426.86

Promoter: Altice Labs, S.A.


  • Altice Labs, S.A.
  • Instituto de Telecomunicações


Over the past 10 years, PT Inovação and IT launched two major R&D initiatives for the development of passive optical networks (PON): GPON and NGPON2. These proved to be a success and the effort has led to global technological leadership. However high bandwidth services are under full growth, being necessary to keep the research focused on this evolution in order to monitor market trends and also help defining them.

To sustain this development and the global technological leadership, PT Inovação and IT launch this project with the goal of developing the next generation of PON, creating complete solutions, innovative worldwide, focusing the global market, where there are different PON technologies.

For this purpose, we intend to create a comprehensive network solution, PtP WDM-PON (evolution of GPON technology), 10GEPON / NGEPON (evolution of EPON technology) and GFast (evolution of ADSL technology), that still allow co-existence with legacy technologies (GPON, XGPON, EPON, ADSL). Next generation PONs or PON’s future, lies on these innovative technologies, which are designated as FutPON technologies.

Summary of the project and its overall objectives

The goal of the project was to create complete solutions for PON networks, globally innovative for different markets where different technologies exist in the access networks. Comprehensive networking solutions have been created for PtP WDM-PON, 10GEPON / NGEPON (evolution of EPON technology) and GFast (evolution of ADSL technology), which coexist with legacy technologies (GPON, XGPON, EPON, ADSL). The developed solutions are made up of innovative OLT and ONT equipments equipped with features and components of great complexity in optoelectronics, electronics and management.

The consortium consisted of two entities, Altice Labs (PT Inovação e Sistemas, S.A.) and Instituto de Telecomunicações. The project lasted for 24 months, starting on 06/01/2015 and ending on 05/31/2017.

Summary of work accomplished

The project achieved its objectives, and a set of new network components was developed.

For each of the planned components, innovative features and technical and technological challenges have been overcome, namely: coexistence and migration, specific service support, resilience and redundancy, adaptability, low cost, reduction in the number of terminal equipment in the customer’s home and increased debt and improved performance.

During the project, preliminary study activities, technical specifications, acquisition of new knowledge, research and development of new solutions, construction of prototypes, tests and tests and promotion and dissemination of results were carried out.

The development of the FUTPON R&D project has allowed both promoters to consolidate their knowledge in new areas of research that will dictate future trends in optical platforms for access networks with integrated management.

The following dissemination channels were used to communicate the achieved results and acquired knowledge:

  • Publications in journals and conferences;
  • Conferences / Forums;
  • Publicizing marketing actions with potential clients, where some of the products under development were presented;
  • Workshops.

The FutPON project has associated a set of positive externalities for the economy. Upstream of the Altice Labs value chain, it has had an extremely significant economic impact, propagated in the following dimensions: suppliers of raw materials and other components, external supplies and services and the relationship with IS & I entities. Downstream, the presentation of products with the level of innovation proposed has brought a strong added value to potential customers.


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