Active Campaign Manager

A single platform to create, launch and execute inbound and outbound campaigns

Solution with a simple and intuitive interface that allows campaign definition, configuration, testing, execution and result tracking.

It allows companies to increase their customer base, increase loyalty and customer satisfaction, leverage products and services acquisition and reduce operational cost.

All of this is possible through the usage of unique product offerings, customer behavior-aware benefit attribution, with highly attractive promotions, fitting the customer needs, in real-time.

Integration through multiple channels, service platforms and CRM allows ACM to capture the perfect timing for proactively targeting customers.

Contextual real-time one-to-one marketing

Contextual marketing, also known as Behavioral Targeting, is an online and real-time marketing model that allows companies to sell the right thing to the right person at the best moment. By using sophisticated applications, it is possible to use personal information in order to launch one-to-one campaigns.

Discover ACM

Increase customer satisfaction and encourage them to purchase the right product.
ACM is a flexible product, fit for different types of business, including telecommunications, retail and finance.

ACM helps service providers to monetize and increase their customer base

By improving the communication of products and service.

Its integration with different channels, service platforms and CRM systems allows ACM to determine the best moment to offer products and services or interact with customers.

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