“The wealth of a company depends on the health of its employees”, states the WHO – World Health Organization. Based on this premise, and with the aim of improving the quality of life and well-being of its employees, Altice Labs promoted, on the 25th of February, a Workplace Physiotherapy Workshop where posture and teleworking bad habits were the main theme.

This initiative lasted 1h30m and was attended by around 120 people, online and in person.

During the workshop, some tips were given to prevent injuries and ensure well-being during work. Facing a “society that evolves in a tremendous way” and where we spend “more and more time in front of a computer”, it is urgent to find “balance strategies between the need for technological advance, health and well-being”, said the physiotherapists.

To counter sedentary lifestyles and avoid the development of work-related diseases, such as WMSDs (Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders), some tips were mentioned that everyone should take into account, namely: exercise (moderate: 150min/week; intense: 75min/week); try to be proactive in ergonomics and take frequent breaks to stretch, stand up and do preventive exercises (about 2 minutes every hour).