Have you ever thought of running seven marathons on seven different continents in one week? It seems like an impossible mission for a human being, but not for João Netto, who did both in just seven days. Yes, you read that right, seven days!

This and other experiences were told in the first person to Altice Labs’ employees in the lastest “Pause&Play” initiative, which took place online on the 9th of December.

Despite a late start in long distance running (in 2013, at the age of 45), this telecommunications entrepreneur already has several challenging races in his curriculum, such as the North Pole and Antarctic Marathon, the World Marathon Major and the World Marathon Challenge, considered the most difficult race in the world. João Netto confessed that successfully overcoming these races was “hard” and involved “a lot of sacrifice”. However, he acknowledges that it was worthwhile because he started to see life in a different way. “The main lesson I have learned is that we should not underestimate anything or anyone. I believe that if there is any mortal who can accomplish something, then so can I. The only thing that sets us apart is focus, determination and commitment. I am convinced that people have dreams, but they often don’t complete them because they don’t want to step out of their comfort zone. It is imperative that they do so and do not give up on what they want”, he said during the session.

The “Pause&Play” initiative lasted approximately one hour. More than 180 employees attended it, having, at the end, the opportunity to question João Netto about any subject/curiosity they had.