On the 17th October, another Product Management session was held, on the theme Alarm Manager. It was presented by Carlos Guilherme Araújo from the Operations Support Systems department. During the presentation it was possible to get a better understanding of this product: its current and future framework in Altice Labs’ OSS architecture – NOSSIS, features and benefits that it presents, as well as the clients that benefit from it. Also the market trends and growth prospects of this type of product were the object of the analysis, as well as the comparison with the main competitors in the market and the SWOT analysis. The business model, revenue distribution and strategic roadmap of Alarm Manager for the next 3 years completed this presentation.

There was a moment for questions from the audience where issues such as the lack of an integrative team, the lack of online visibility of the product, the type of licensing of the product, its technological dependence, and the need to monitor new types of network elements were addressed.

In the opinion of Carlos Guilherme Araújo, this session allowed him to do a deeper work analysis, getting to know better the competition and the market trends. And he adds: “with the stress of everyday life we ​​can’t always do this analysis properly so this session was an asset to me as a product manager”.