Altice Labs, through the direction of EIT (Innovation and Technology Strategy), had two P2020 Mobilizing Programs approved in June, in which it participates together with other entities representing the national industrial and scientific fabric.

Those Programs are the following ones:

City Catalyst – Catalyst for sustainable cities

The City Catalyst project aims to explore how technologies, in particular urban platforms, can contribute to improve the quality of life in urban environments and make cities smarter and more sustainable. The project aims to promote an integrated urban management, more efficient and effective, and a catalyst for innovation and competitiveness. It is intended to facilitate management processes through a holistic view of the city, decentralized and participative, and based on the data generated by the city itself as a whole. The project is promoted by a consortium of 22 entities bringing together scientific and business excellence at a national level, with Altice Labs being the leader of PPS1 – Sensing Infrastructure, Communication and Computing.

Augmented Humanity

The Augmented Humanity project is essentially based on three main pillars/challenges, namely the improvement of efficiency in industrial processes, as well as the corresponding reduction of emissions, the development and adaptation of production processes, according to the characteristics of the active population and the preparation of human resources for a new industrial reality (industry 4.0).

In order to give this mentioned challenges an answer, through the technologies being developed, as well as the positive impact on the productivity of the industries, the project aims the development of products, processes and services in five main technological areas, which together will develop technologies to support the people operating in industrial environments: ergonomics and robotics; big data; connectivity, IoT and 5G; artificial vision and RA/RV and talents and contribution to the sustainability and attractiveness of the industry. This project has 23 partners involved, mostly from central of Portugal and Altice Labs will participate in PPS 3 – connectivity, IoT and 5G.