University of Aveiro / Feira de Emprego Universidade 5.0
On the 2nd of June, another edition of the Feira de Emprego Universidade 5.0 of the University of Aveiro took place. This event represents a great highlight among the student and business community due to the mobility of several companies among students. Able to create a link between students and the business world, this year Altice Labs was present with a wide range of job interviews with students, as a way to share all the projects that are being disclosed by the organization and to collect the aspirations of the student body.

Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto / LITHME – Language In The Human Machine Era
On the 1st and 2nd of June, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto hosted the LITHME – Language In The Human Machine Era. This event brought together a number of companies working in the area of language technologies, the main aim being to establish links between the academic community and what the industry has to offer. This agglomeration of companies allowed the creation of a technological sample, of which Altice Labs was part of. In this context, Altice Labs had the opportunity to be present, on the 2nd of June, not only with a booth, which allowed the existence of a dynamic between students and professionals in the area, but also had the opportunity to give a lecture, which was of free access.

Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra / Dia da Dissertação/Estágio
As part of Dia da Dissertação/Estágio, Altice Labs was present at the Department of Computer Engineering of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra on the 22nd of  June. This event gathered a large number of participants, who had the opportunity to demonstrate several projects they had developed. This event also provided a contact and interaction between students/candidates to their first job and potential employers. On this day, Altice Labs was present in order to make known all the opportunities that are available to the student community, namely the 2nd cycle students, Master in Informatics Engineering, Master in Design and Multimedia, Master in Informatics Security, Master in Engineering and Data Science.

University of Aveiro / Students@DETI
On the 24th of June, another edition of students & teachers @deti took place, an open day inherent to the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics of the University of Aveiro. This event had as main goal the demonstration and sharing of projects carried out by the students during the school year. This day is intended for the entire academic community and, consecutively, for the entire business community that wishes to learn about the projects developed at DETI. In this context, Altice Labs seized this opportunity and got to know the various projects developed by students, also providing all interested parties with information on the company’s opportunities.

University of Minho / Join’2022 – Jornadas de Engenharia Informática
On the 29th of June, another edition of the University of Minho Informatics Journeys (JOIN) took place in the Informatics Department. This event, organized by volunteers from CeSIUM, NECC, NEFUM, the Informatics Department, and the School of Sciences of the University of Minho, has as main goal the promotion of the interaction between the university students allocated to the informatics areas and the business community from all over the country. In this event, Altice Labs had not only the opportunity to disclose its projects for academic/professional internships 2022/23, to the entire student community, but also to make a small pitch about the company, showing its essence.