We invited Altice Labs employees who are photography enthusiasts to share their best shots in order to create a mural at the company. Nine people accepted the challenge and sent us beautiful photographs, which are now displayed on a colorful mural located in the main building, specifically at the access to the bridge connecting the main building to building 1.

This exhibition is permanent, and you can find various photographs of cities, natural landscapes, monuments, and diverse animals taken by Catarina Chaves (DSN), Emanuel Lobo (DSR), Maria Branco (SRP), Gabriela Moura (DPO), Daniel Correia (EID), César Gomes (DSR), Luísa Pinho (DFN), Pedro Morais (EID), and Richard Pires (DSR).

In addition to promoting the art of photography, this photo mural aims to showcase the work of those who enjoy exploring the world through a lens and, at the same time, create a more attractive and pleasant work environment.