The 130th Tech Day @ Altice Labs took place on November 29, with the theme “New emerging technologies applied to product promotion”.

The opening was conducted by Carlos Figueiredo from the Innovation Strategy and Digital Department, who framed the topic and introduced Altice Labs’ vision and practice in this domain. Following that, Pedro Pereira, CEO byAR, gave a presentation entitled “Phygital – Augmenting your reality”. During his speech, he explained the company’s activities, particularly in the use of technology in museums and commercial spaces.

Next up were João Delicado and Rui Romano from Glimpse VFX, who showcased some of the work they have done in product promotion, ranging from food to the automotive industry, using technologies such as photogrammetry, Motion Capture, and Gaussian Splatting.

The next speaker was Mafalda Ricca, from the company X-Plora, who talked about immersive technologies and “gamification” supported by artificial intelligence and augmented reality, available through applications on PCs, smartphones, or virtual reality glasses.

The last speaker was Mário Mendes, from Altice – MEO -, who gave a presentation entitled “Exploring the boundaries of Product Promotion with Emerging Technologies”, touching on immersive technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality and using artificial intelligence.

As usual, the TechDay ended with a Q&A session.

You can watch this session on Altice Labs’ YouTube channel.