Jornal da Madeira newspaper recently had a report highlighting “Banana SEnsing” (BASE), a project that aims to enhance Madeira’s banana production and is promoted by GESBA (Banana Sector Management Company) in partnership with Altice Labs, among other partners.

Filipe Freitas from Altice and Diana Costa, Quality Director at GESBA, explained the entire process and highlighted its impact on Madeira’s banana production. “Among other objectives, it aims to measure the amount of water and nutrients the plant needs, as well as calculate the right time to harvest the banana bunch. It’s technology and artificial intelligence collaborating with humans in this traditional sector, in favor of resource efficiency and production management,” the report reads.

In agricultural productions, it is necessary to use sensors that measure meteorological data such as humidity, temperature, and luminosity. All the data collected is transmitted via the 4G network to Altice Labs’ Live!Data platform, where the Live!Green application is executed. This application transforms sensor data into useful information for the end user, allowing them to obtain useful knowledge more quickly.