On November 20 and 21, a meeting of senior managers from AICEP, which is the International Association of Portuguese Expression Communications, was held at the Montebelo Lake Resort in Aguieira , focusing on the theme “ICT Solutions for and Innovative and Sustainable Industry – Challenges and Opportunities”. This event brought together presidents, CEOs, AICEP members, administrators, and other leaders from communications operating companies and the sector’s regulatory authorities from seven of the nine Portuguese-speaking countries and territories.

The event was moderated by Ana Margarida Almeida, from the Innovation Strategy and Digital department, and featured the participation of Alcino Lavrador, former general manager of Altice Labs, who presented a paper on the new perspectives of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in an innovative and sustainable industry. In his presentation, Alcino Lavrador highlighted the role of innovation in competitiveness, describing the role of ICT as a driver of innovation and industrial sustainability, He also outlined what he considers to be the disruptive technologies for the future, particularly for Portuguese-speaking countries.

Francisco Fontes, from the Innovation Strategy and Digital department, also participated in a panel exploring the theme of “Communication and Connectivity”, presenting a comprehensive view of wireless communications, particularly 5G and 6G. He described the sustained evolution and the new opportunities offered by these technologies, especially for the industry.