In the first quarter, the SmartAL team listened to testimonials from people who belong to the solution’s target audience, namely health professionals (doctors and nurses), informal caregivers (family members) and users (with chronic diseases or frequent needs), knowing the value that this feedback would bring to the product’s business strategy. We even counted on some internal employees who belong to the third group of this target audience.

The results of this research work were published in an article on LinkedIn. In this article you can find out more about the main needs related to health assistance of each target, as well as the frustrations felt and the daily concerns. At the end of the article, we also present a set of opportunities for the future of the product and company in light of what users are really looking for in the e-Health area.

We invite you to read the article to learn about the main findings and opportunities, and to share it so that more people are aware of the importance of the e-Health experience as well. Altice Labs is increasingly focused on implementing a human-centric design approach and it is with pride that the SmartAL team has invested in this vision!