Yoga International Day was celebrated on 21 June and Altice Labs celebrated the date with a Yoga class led by our colleague from the Operations Support Systems department and teacher of this modality, Karla Cunha.

For about 30 minutes, the participants had the opportunity to relax their body and mind by performing some postures, namely Tálásana, Jánurásana, Hanumánásana, Kapotásana, Vajrasana, Hamsásana, Sarvángásana, Matsyásana and Shavásana Utthara.

The rainy weather didn’t help and the initial plan of holding the class in the Aveiro campus garden and taking advantage of all the surrounding space was changed. The yoga class was held in the Amphitheatre of Altice Labs and had the commitment and energy of all participants.

Employees participate in a Yoga Class