Invited by the direction of the Master in Communication and Web Technologies, a session entitled “Digital products – There is more than meets the eye!” took place on the 14th of December at the University of Aveiro (UA). The event was moderated by Sara Frias and Alina Carvalho, both from the experience design team of the Technology and Innovation Strategy department of Altice Labs.

During the session, held in an interactive model for about 20 students, it was possible to address the contribution of Product Designers for the development of digital products, emphasizing the polyvalence and multidisciplinarity needed both in teams and in the Product Designers themselves, to think and develop enriching and engaging experiences. In their interventions, Sara and Alina also demonstrated how Altice Labs takes this into account, highlighting some Altice Labs products that result from the combination of such different skills as illustration, ux writing, user experience, visual design, business design, development, product promotion, among others.

There was also the opportunity to reinforce that this multidisciplinarity is frequently explored in collaborative sessions that the team organizes with the participation of professionals from various areas of the company, internal and external stakeholders involved in the design of each digital product, thus ensuring them a holistic vision.

The session was part of the “MCTW_blank” initiative, a project that aims to articulate education, on the one hand, with business activity and experience, on the other. In this sense, it intends to strengthen the connection of students to the business world, giving them knowledge about the respective processes, technologies and challenges. In this context, partners such as Altice Labs, Bosch and Wavecom were invited to contribute to the education of these students, sharing thoughts, experiences, products and knowledge that help to complement and enrich the study plan.