SIC Notícias’ “Exame Informática” TV program, which showcases the best of what is done in Portugal and in the world in the technological universe, recently carried out a report on City Catalyst, a project in which Altice Labs (with the collaboration of Instituto de Telecomunicações) develops data collection and processing systems, as well as the telecommunications component.

City Catalyst aims to explore how technologies can contribute to improving the quality of people’s lives in urban environments and make cities more sustainable through integrated urban management that is more efficient, effective and a catalyst for innovation and competitiveness.

On interview, Filipe Cabral Pinto, from Altice Labs’ Innovation Strategy and Digital department, reinforces the role of sensorization, 5G communication and computing in the construction of the cities of the future. One of the examples mentioned of the application of this technology is related to the ability to section the network, providing different dynamic resources per service. The optimization of a medical emergency service was demonstrated, in the connection between an ambulance and a hospital, where the 5G network ensured in real time the necessary communication resources to guarantee the mobile medical support to a patient, relegating to second place other communications that competed for the same resources.

This report was broadcast on the 18th of December 2022 and can be viewed at Altice Labs’ YouTube channel.