BOTSchool, the low-code platform developed at Altice Labs for the creation and management of virtual assistants, aims to facilitate access to this technology for both companies and society in general. To keep up with recent advancements in the fields of artificial intelligence and generative intelligence, the platform recently launched the Generative AI Capability feature.

Generative AI expands the capabilities of the platform by adding new possibilities. It is now possible to upload any external data source into the platform, allowing it to be learned by BOTSchool. By leveraging the latest Generative AI models, the platform can speed up the entire process of providing a virtual assistant, as well as to help in performing a variety of tasks, such as text analysis and processing, summarization, and translation, among others.

With this launch, BOTSchool reinforces its commitment to drive innovation and promote the digital transformation of companies, contributing to a future where artificial intelligence and conversational tools are available and beneficial to all.