Altice Labs is a finalist in the IoT Global Awards, an international initiative that aims to highlight the most innovative companies, products and talents that stand out in the IoT area.

This is, in fact, a distinction that the company has won for the second consecutive year, given that in 2019 it achieved the same feat with the “IoT Smart Probe – Handheld QoS Meter” project, in the “Research & Development or new launch” category.

In this year’s edition, of the three applications submitted, the projects that managed to reach the final are: in the “Connected health or wearable Tech” category, SmartAL, as a management platform for healthcare and social services aimed, in this case, at the elderly; and in the “Research & Development or new launch” category, the Eno-Analytics project, which combining technology with the viticulture sector, aims to build an intelligent system capable of supporting the identification of grape varieties and predicting the quality of the wine, taking into account Machine Learning tools and heterogeneous data from different sensors (environmental, meteorological and soil quality).

The winners will be known and announced on the 19th of November and promoted in different international portals on IoT & Telecom, in addition to being promoted in the printed and digital version of IoT Now.