Altice Labs has unveiled the latest version of its NOSSIS One Inventory – NETWIN. This innovative solution serves as a centralized platform for network planning, inventory management of resources and services, and resource allocation for Wholesale and Retail Service Providers. This new version is cloud-ready and embraces cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality(AR), providing an enhanced interactive experience for field force teams.

The new NETWIN is prepared to cater to the demands of 5G networks, encompassing equipment inventory, and services. With its virtualization and slicing management capabilities, the solution facilitates an agile and centralized representation of end-to-end network topologies, whether Backhaul (BH) or Fronthaul (FH).

Jorge Gonçalves, the Head of OSS Inventory Solutions at Altice Labs, emphasized the flexibility and time-to-market advantages of NOSSIS Inventory – NETWIN – by taking advantage of cloud and AR while simplifying the operations of Altice Labs customers. The solution is prepared to support the evolution of FTTH/GPON networks up to 10G and 25G while effectively addressing the challenges of 5G virtual private networks and slicing.


A powerful solution for the telecommunications market

NETWIN has gained recognition as a robust solution within the telecommunications market, serving wholesale providers, such as FiberCos, and Retail Customer Service Providers across various countries and geographies.

The platform implementation stands out in a major Brazilian operator, effectively managing over 223,000 km of cables, handling approximately 3 million service feasibility consultations per month, and providing connectivity to more than 20 million homes.

NETWIN offers tools for network planning and design, service feasibility, reservation and allocation of physical and logical resources, and support for service provisioning to the end customer. It provides the ability to manage the inventory, encompassing infrastructure, network, and services, both for the internal or external plants, totally georeferenced and covering all the technologies utilized by telecommunications operators in a fully integrated manner.

Moreover, NETWIN offers pre-built technological packs, multi-technology, and multi-service, that expedite implementation and Go-To-Market strategies. These packs support a wide range of convergent network technologies, including FTTx, xDSL, HFC, mobile, WDM, Ethernet, and IP, facilitating the management of B2C and B2B services.

Following TM Forum guidelines, Netwin is Catalog Driven, enabling seamless management of crucial information such as addresses, sites, physical resources (OSP and ISP), logical resources (VLANS, IP, …), virtual resources (SDN/NFV), as well as customers (CFS), network services (RFS), among others. The solution also offers Open APIs (TM Forum) for easy integration with other systems and streamlined automation of operational processes. The system also facilitates smooth interaction between wholesale network companies and their tenants, allowing tenants to perform feasibility queries based solely on resources from their network domains.

With its cloud-based infrastructure, augmented reality features, and support for 5G networks, Altice Labs’ NETWIN sets a new standard in efficient inventory management and network planning for Communications Service Providers.