On November 16, the Science and Technology Faculty of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA-FCT) marked its 46th anniversary with a grand celebration that included awarding school prizes and merit scholarships to students from the 2021/2022 academic year.

To reinforce Altice Labs’ commitment to academia, we joined this NOVA-FCT moment with the award of two merit scholarships, recognizing the talent of two young people from this University’s Micro and Nanotechnology Degree. Pedro Carvalho, from Altice Labs’ Innovation  Strategy and Digital department, and João Ramos from the open innovation program (ENTER), presented a school prize to the best student in the 1st year of the degree, Rodrigo Cândido, and awarded an academic merit scholarship to Matilde Vazquez Quaresma, who obtained the best entrance average in this degree. These young people shared with Altice Labs that, alongside their studies, they enjoy sport and the arts and have a confident and ambitious vision for their academic future.

Altice Labs’ presence at this type of event is yet another way of strengthening ties with the academic community and with the talent of young people, but it is also a commitment to the knowledge that is produced in these centers of knowledge, the raw material for innovation that translates into new and differentiating products and services.