On the 23rd of January, the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (DETI) of the University of Aveiro hosted DETI X-Change, an event to present projects carried out as part of the Industrial Design curricular unit. Eleven projects were presented whose main goal was to respond to problems presented by companies from different sectors, including Altice Labs.

The challenge proposed by Altice Labs consisted in the creation of an automaton from an adapted CNC (Computer Numeric Control) kit, interconnected to a PC and a multimeter, with the purpose of measuring electrical signals on printed circuit boards, to be used in the laboratory testing of hardware products in order to ensure a diverse set of simple and repetitive tests, while the technical operator dedicates his time to more complex diagnostic tasks, in addition to the results of the automaton.

Hélder Alves and Nuno Balseiro, both from Altice Labs’ Network Systems Development department, were, together with Professor Telmo Cunha, from the University of Aveiro, responsible for guiding this project, which included the collaboration of five final-year students from the course in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering.

The group understood the goals and implemented the various steps systematically and correctly, achieving an excellent result in the three months of work. The automaton was built with Lego components and is currently in the Network Systems Development laboratory at Altice Labs.