Dressed for the occasion, with weapons in hand and with a defined strategy, 12 employees from Altice Labs participated, on the 30rd of November, in a paintball activity with Outdoor Feelings – Animação Turística e Eventos, in ílhavo. This was the 2nd edition of this event, the first having occurred in September this year.

Paintball is an action and strategy game where each team aims to hit the opponent with paint, without causing bodily harm. And that’s exactly what happened in this logOUT activity. For about two hours there were many colorful shots, energy and adrenaline.

In the end, the participants of the two teams were tired but satisfied with the adventure. They also had the opportunity to test their concentration and balance by participating in archery.

This was another teambuilding activity that served to reinforce the team spirit among employees and strengthen interpersonal relationships.