Leverage your existing copper wiring

G.fast has emerged as the latest technique to extend the life of a telecom’s existing copper network without the costs and challenges of deploying an all fiber-based Fiber network.

The demand for higher data rates is continuously increasing. Applications like cloud computing, video streaming, big data, and the Internet of Things drive these demands. Strong competition of cable network (DOCSIS 3.1) and LTE operators increases the pressure on traditional network operators to deliver high speed services. Furthermore, in-house installation is difficult and specific to each house.
FTTdp is an acronym for Fiber To The Distribution Point. It is very similar to FTTC (Fiber to the Curb) or FTTN (Fiber to the Node), but is one-step closer to the boundary of the customers’ premises, thus allowing near-gigabit speeds.
In a typical FTTdp deployments, a limited number of subscribers at a distance of up to 10-300m are linked to 1 fiber node.
A G.fast FTTdp fiber node is a small self enclosed box and can be set up outdoors (on a pole or underground) or indoors (in the basement or on the floor).

Technical & business benefits

The G.fast DPU and CPE are the right choices to reuse existing twisted copper pair / coaxial cables (P2P) based access networks to deliver ultra high bit rate (fiber alike) triple play services to customers.
G.fast technology based on ITU-T G.9700 and ITU-T G.9701 specifications provides triple play service at Gbps speeds.

  • Achieve fiber speed reusing existing copper infrastructure;
  • Deliver premises multi-play services (Voice-VoIP, Data-GbE, TV-IPTV and RF Overlay (only when using coax));
  • CPE Customer self installation;
  • Avoid licensing impairments;
  • Reverse power feed;
  • Indoor/outdoor mounting options.

Who benefits

Multi dwelling unit

Multi dwelling unit

Low user density rural sets

Low user density rural sets


Condominium & hospitality

Industrial park networks

Industrial park networks

High density urban networks

High density urban networks

Our solution

  • Support of all DPU virtualizer functionalities;
  • Netconf/Yang enabled solution;
  • Support of DPU offline management;
  • Support of ZTC:
    • The “Zero Touch Configuration” allows the automatic configuration of the DPU when it is connected to the network for the first time;
    • DPU’s IP address obtained through DHCP;
  • e2e connectivity, provisioning and monitoring;
  • Network programmability:
    • The exposure of all operations in a complete NBI allows the virtualization of the underlying network domain so that external Applications or higher hierarchy SDN Controllers can actually “program the network”;
    • Easy integration with third-party management/ information systems;
  • Ensure performance and reliability through the FCAPS.

Our products


16 port DPU

  • G.fast Outdoor / Indoor DPU with 16x G.fast ports (Twisted pair or coaxial cable);
  • 2x GPON or Ethernet Uplink fiber interfaces;
  • External dimensions (HxWxD): 366x276x108 mm;
  • IP68 class protection / fully sealed;
  • Maximum power dissipated: 50W / Passive cooling;
  • Reverse Power Feed, Local power (at 12VDC) or Network Powered (from the Central Office).

GF3201 and GF3301

1 port DPU

  • 1x G.fast port (Twisted pair or coaxial cable) DPU;
  • 1x GPON or Ethernet Uplink;
  • RF Overlay if coaxial cable is used;
  • External dimensions (HxWxD): 200x160x70 mm;
  • IP68 class protection;
  • Reverse Power Feed.


G.fast CPE

  • ITU-T G.fast Recommendation (G.9700/1);
  • Support for ITU-T G.997.2 and supports ITU G.994.1 G.hs;
  • Spectrally co-existent with legacy technologies, e.g. ADSL, VDSL;
  • Max PHY rate: 1Gbps per line;
  • Flexible downlink/uplink bit rate ratio;
  • Robust with high immunity to disturbers;
  • Fast Online Reconfiguration (OLR) and fast train/retrain time;
  • Flexible DTU size;
  • Low power consumption.


G.fast CPE

  • G.fast interface RJ11 using twisted pair;
  • SerDes / SGMII1.25Gbps;
  • Surge protection;
  • MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) SFF-8472;
  • Power supply 3.3V, max 2W.

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