Unified customer problem solution

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are constantly competing for increased revenue. Every day, new services and products are launched and evolved to guarantee the satisfaction of an increasingly demanding customer. This has profound implications on the infrastructure, requiring a variety of networks, platforms and even the expansion to the complex home network.

Meanwhile, to maintain the competitive edge, CSPs need to reduce costs throughout their value chain, from installation to customer support and problem resolution. Service assessment feasibility, service installation verification, End-to-End service test, diagnosing and troubleshooting are key to increase the customer experience value and reduce operational costs

Current market

Customers are always connected using multiple devices to access a wide range of services, applications and content.


The diversity of technologies, suppliers and services create a complex operational map including the homenetwork environments.


Being able to provide a higher service quality and customer experience while optimizing both physical and human resources.


Having a system which provides a holistic view of each customer and easily address their problems independent of the service.

Business benefits

Increases first time resolution in the front office
During the first call, guided scripts, accurate diagnostics and immediate corrective actions allow agents to solve customer problems originated either on the CSP network or on the customer premises.

Decrease mean time to repair
Smart diagnosis, as well as automated and recommended corrective actions, reduce the time required to detect and solve service problems.

Minimize field force interventions
End-to-End service testing, diagnosis and troubleshooting, right up to the home network, reduce the need for field force intervention and home client visits.

Minimal technical skills required at the front office
Preconfigured workflows with best practice implementation reduce the level of technical skills required by front office personnel.

Increase field force autonomy for tsts and diagnostics
Whenever a visit to the customer premise is required, a successful service installation or service repair in one single visit increases the overall customer satisfaction.

Who benefits from it?

Front office helpdesk teams

Back office and advanced support agents

Field force teams

Communications Service Providers


End-to-End solution for testing, diagnosing, troubleshooting and problem solving for fixed, mobile and over-the-top

Unified test and diagnostics


NetQ easily adapts to CSP processes and different operational needs, providing tailored front ends for customer care helpdesk, skilled engineering personnel and field force teams. These front ends rely on a highly scalable and configurable engine, allowing flexible adaption to the continuous changes and increasingly demanding CSP’s business needs. The integration with the network is guaranteed by a mature Mediation layer offering out-of-the-box plugins for multi-vendor and multi-technology environments.

Centralized E2E service tests

From the CSP network and platforms right up to the home network.

Diagnosing and troubleshooting

Smart Service diagnosis and recommended resolution actions.

Guided helpdesk workflows

Workflow scripts with contextual help to guide helpdesk staff in customer interactions.

Feasibility and proactive testing

Service feasibility tests based on configurable rules and  Batch & programmed routine tests for preventive and proactive maintenance.

OSS & BSS integration

Smooth integration with CRM and inventory Systems.

Use cases

360º problem resolution

The customer is not receiving mobile calls.

With NetQ diagnosis, the agent determines that a core account configuration is needed and proceeds accordingly.

The customer also has a triple play service.

With the convergent E2E NETQ diagnostic is detected a HSI problem that might be solved by a remote home gateway configuration.

Both wire-line and mobile services problems solved in a first and only call.

Service and technology independence

The customer gets an error while trying to use an Over The Top (OTT) content using its smartphone.

With NetQ, the agent verifies that the Customer has 3G coverage but the Internet session it’s not currently created due to an APN wrong configuration.

The problem is solved online with a transparent over-the-air (OTA) interaction sending the right APN configuration to the device.

After reconfiguration, the agent confirms that the session is established!

Effectiveness of the on-line resolution could be verified.

Proactive tests

Using NetQ, a set of tests is programmed and carried out during a defined period of time.

NetQ control test execution without overloading network elements.

The diagnostic could detect and automatically correct unadjusted profiles before the customer notice any problems.

Single visit to customer’s home

In case a service installation or repair requires a visit to the customer’s premise:

The assigned field force team keep sync with all operations using NetQ.

Remote tests and diagnostics features make it possible to confirm service readiness locally.



MEO (Portugal), CVT (Cape Verde) and CTM (China)


Enhancing customer relationships.

Application scenarios

Front Office and Back Office attendance teams and Field Force teams.

Added value

  • Up to 20% reduction on MTTR.
  • Truck Rolls OPEX savings.
  • Up to 65% customer problem resolution by the Front Office during first call.
  • Reduction of fault reoccurrence rates.
  • Up to 50% reduction on call center training time due to integrated and ease to use tool.
  • ROI could be achieved in the first 6 to 9 months of operation.



NetQ as part of TMForum certified NOSSIS Suite

TMFORUM excellence awards

Finalist of the TM Forum Excellence Awards in the Customer Centricity – Service Provider category


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