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Networks are becoming increasingly larger, complex and virtual. Customers are becoming even more demanding and volatile. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are focusing their strategy in delivering the best quality of experience to their customers in a daily effort.

Quality network and service monitoring in real time enables a proactive role, detecting service degradation and solve problems that will avoid customer complaints and reduce churn. Having a convergent solution for all networks, customers and devices, empowers CSPs with valuable and actionable insights that will help them gain operational efficiency, generate revenue, support strategic business decisions and provide excellent and meaningful experience for each and every subscriber.



End-to-end assurance solution for multi-service, multi-technology and multi-vendor environments.

Product demonstration

Altaia delivers a single platform with the ability to collect and consolidate performance data from several network domains, which help Communication Service Providers to understand quality of delivered services and user experience.

Business benefits

Increases customer’s quality of experience

Monitor individual customer performance and guarantee first-class quality of experience.

Decreases churn rate

Increase quality of the offered services, coping with customer expectations.

Gain operational efficiency

Delivering actionable intelligence to the right people ensuring accurate error detection and fast resolution.

Proactively solve problems

Be one step ahead identifying and resolving network issues or poor performance before they impact service availability and be experienced by customers.

Who benefits

Altaia can be used across the organization by several departments that need to consume KPIs and KQIs to support operational activities.

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Product manager Luis Castro talks about the role of Altaia and how this solution is helping CSPs worldwide ensuring quality of delivered services and user experience.

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Main features

Altaia introduces a multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-service framework, which is able to address the calculation of billions of indicators and support several analytical perspectives.

  • Network, Service and Customer KPI/KQIs management;
  • Powerful applications designed to improve efficiency and support the operational activities, from KPI and KQI overviews to root-cause analysis and data exploration;
  • Proactive Network and Service monitoring supporting the configuration of advanced threshold rules;
  • Real-time and historic data across whole network to provide advanced analytics perspectives.

Use cases

Altaia can be deployed in any network including support for the most recent technologies like LTE/VoLTE or SDN/NFV networks, and 3play or OTT services. It also supports older technologies with off-the-shelf performance packs ensuring that combined and E2E perspectives are achieved in order to maximize services quality.

Proactively monitors a multi-vendor access network producing several 2G/3G and LTE KPI/KQIs at cell level to identify and troubleshoot service degradation problems before they impact on customer quality. Guarantee an accurate service problem identification and quickly identify the root cause.

Protect your most valuable customers and High Accounts (HVA), monitoring in real-time real quality of experience, ensuring taht your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are achieved for voice, SMS and data mobile services.

Manage the performance of IPTV service that relies on several network technologies, interconnection nodes and service platforms to deliver a high-value service with superior quality. Use retry requests from STBs in order to detect common network problems in real-time.

Ensure user experience with Altaia CQM

Altaia Customer Quality Management extends Network and Service performance management bringing true value to CEM.




Centralized and homogenous vision of the end-to-end quality of the services.

Application scenarios

  • Engineering and planning teams;
  • Network/Service Operations Center (NOC/SOC);
  • Country Regulators;
  • Customer account management.

Added value

  • Move from reactive to proactive service quality management;
  • Monitor and report network and service quality, in order to guarantee expected quality for mobile and fixed services, optimizing resource investments;
  • Provide accurate and appropriate overall quality executive reports and demanded regulatory reports;
  • Increase knowledge about the customer in order to ensure customer loyalty and reduced churn.

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