Customized & flexible

Built upon a carrier grade SIP/IMS application server, ABC is a hosted business communications solution, running in a cloud based environment.
Based on the latest design techniques, a fully customizable portal allows service providers, businesses and subscribers to set up and configure all available ABC features.
Enhanced user experience and reduced operating expenses, using a web-based self-provisioning portal.

Current Market

Current market

Landlines and mobile networks are turning to IP environments (cheaper).
Acquisition, installation, maintenance and support costs are extremely high.



Altice Labs has developed an enterprise solution for convergent communications, providing a customer-oriented and a flexible answer to a wider market range, enabling cost reduction.

Business benefits


ABC enables service providers to differentiate their service offering by moving away from costly premise-based equipment to a hosted solution.

Increase revenues

It allows service providers to increase revenues and offer a more cost effective business proposition to the end-users.

Full set of IP services

With ABC, fixed and mobile operators are able to provide a full set of IP services such as SIP Trunking and advanced voice communications services.

Legacy networks

Services can also be offered to customers on legacy networks, providing an easy evolution path both to the operator and customers.

Who benefits

Targeting SoHo, SMEs and large entreprises with single or multiple sites, ABC integrates all company’s branches into one system, across different locations and network types.

On the move communication management

With such flexible and modular solution, service providers will be able to deploy a full range of fixed-mobile business communications services, minimizing end-users communication costs and improving productivity.

Main features

  • Private numbering plan

  • Call completion on busy subscriber

  • Single number reach

  • Outbound calling

  • Music on hold

  • ABC retary/manager filtering

  • Call recording

  • Virtual fax

  • Speed dial

  • Voice mail integration

  • Hunting group

  • Pre-Answer

  • Waiting queue

  • Group/direct call pickup

  • Special extension

  • Free numbers

  • Always available numbers

  • IVR service

  • Shared virtual fax

  • Virtual user

  • Special numbers

  • Group call barring

  • Explicit call transfer (blind/consultative)

  • Call forwarding

  • Outgoing/incoming call barring

  • Anonymous calling

  • SMS barring


With ABC, a flexible and modular solution, service providers will be able to deploy a full range of fixed-mobile business communications services, minimizing end-users communication costs and improving productivity campaigns.

Mobile VPN

Mobile VPN (MVPN) attends  corporate private mobile network scenarios and allows operator’s business clients to enjoy advanced services with a grow as you need paradigm. It is a Virtual Private Network for mobile voice and data services solution that provides a set of advanced services and tools to address the daily-to-daily challenges of an operator business client.
Mobile VPN fits the needs of small and medium enterprises and is also able to address the requirements of large companies with thousands of end users.

Hosted PBX

ABC can be deployed as a Hosted PBX delivering the typically centrex solution.
As Hosted PBX, ABC is able to serve both fixed and mobile networks with convergency between legacy and new generation networks.
This solution is able to deliver tradicional centrex services adding the fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) as a great add-on. Like all the scenarios with ABC, it is a flexible solution in the sense that targets from small enterprise customers to large scale corporations.

Trunking  IP and TDM

ABC is able to provide voice service for IP phones, as well as for IP PBX or legacy PBX. With the IP/TDM SIP Trunking scenario, ABC can be deployed to connect to IP PBX or can connect to PRI PBX.
In this scenario corporate PBX can connect to Operator’s ABC solution using SIP or TDM trunking, gaining access to a set of services provided for such solution.

Boost your business with us

Operator hosted-solution, with increased flexibility and capability;

Easy customization of services by the Customer and End Users;

Solution interoperable with several equipments from different vendors;

Richful set of services, available to any kind of network access;



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