Promotion energy efficiency and environmental Sustainability

Altice Labs is an organization with more than six decades of existence. So we understand particularly well the value of sustainability, in its various forms, and are always searching to improve the satisfaction of all that are, directly or indirectly, involved in our activity, like customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees and the society in general.

The Environmental Sustainability is a natural and daily part of our concerns. We develop initiatives to stimulate our employees, suppliers and partners to adopt more "environmentally friendly" behaviour.

There are two main focus areas that we promote.

1. Consumption | Residues
  • To reduce the energy consumption, both in laboratory facilities and in the individual use of computer equipment.

  • Maintain a low and adequate level of water consumption regarding the hygiene and cleaning, eliminating waste.

  • Whenever possible, watering the gardens with water from shallow wells of natural renewal.

  • Improve the segregation of waste produced, either the general waste of the employees or those of our production and equipment services activities.

  • Ensure that all interventions that we make in our clients’ facilities, whether in buildings or open-air, will execute the proper procedures of segregation, collection and forwarding.

2. Environmental Awareness
  • Increase environmental awareness and encourage employees to adopt greener lifestyles.