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Cooperative Holistic View on Internet and Content

Project Code
CHIC Project | Nr. 24498

Main Goal
Natural language interfaces for online navigation and cable distribution systems

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European Union financial support

Main goals
The media sector, both at national and European level, has a fundamental importance, in terms of economic development, job creation and increased competitiveness. In this area, there have been three convergence trends in recent years that have anchored its development.
The first is the convergence of a set of technologies based on traditional techniques of content production and diffusion based on proprietary equipment, such as the technologies associated with broadcasting, for another paradigm based on the broadband Internet, services and creation of open platforms to support them.
The second trend is the normalization and approximation of the dialogue between creatives and technologists. The entities of the national scientific and technological system have contributed a lot, which has included in their curricula a set of goals that lead to multidisciplinary skills and the establishment of clear communication channels between the creative and technological world.
Finally, the third axis focuses on the use of digital technologies as a way of preserving and valuing cultural heritage, through the creation of new immersive approaches to interact with it, by attracting new audiences and by conserving cultural heritage through the use of high resolution and error tolerant formats.

Co-financed by COMPETE2010