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Project Acronym

Project Title
Components and services for 5G networks

Call / Notice

Jan/2018 to Dec/2020

Total budget (% Incentive)
9.719.662,19€ (63%)

Main goals
The Mobilizer 5G project aims to be an instrument for the development and innovation of technology. Thus, the main technological objective of the 5G project is: The design and integrated validation of a set of products, capable of being part of and providing services within the ecosystem of future 5G networks, gathering and harmonizing the efforts of different technological companies in the area of telecommunications, both for B2B and B2C models.
In detail, this major objective can be broken down into a set of more specific objectives:

In addition, these objectives will be complemented by:


Expected results
The main objectives of the project can be broken down into the creation of new services and products, and the ambition of new markets, and include the development of:

Co-financed by COMPETE2010