Halloween celebrated at Altice Labs with Rally Paper

17/11/2021     logOUT / Halloween / Rally Paper

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Around 60 people got into the Halloween spirit, on the night of the 5th of November, and participated in the 2nd Rally Paper organized by Altice Labs.

17 teams, many of them dressed for the occasion, hit the road and responded to several challenges that arose along the route of approximately 3 hours.  Good mood, some tricks to scare the participants and also treats were the main elements of this event that aimed to celebrate Halloween and promote socializing among Altice Labs' employees.

The winning team was Alô. Homo Sapiens came second and Kin Pump Family came third.



André Filipe Augusto, from the Operations Support Systems department (Kin Pump Family team)

"The level of events that have been planned by logOUT’s team anticipated something big… and that's exactly what happened! Good promotion of the event, and very well prepared.

Only the mutual help between several teams that were, like mine, with a spirit of participation and fun, allowed us to complete the challenges within the stipulated time.

I don't know if the fact that it was a night event contributed to this delay, although the fact that it took place at night, increased the Halloween spirit.

My kids loved taking part! Especially the candy part... The TOP prizes were the icing on the cake! For me, the rally paper and the good organization is to repeat next year, I will be there again!"

Cristina João Pires, from the Operations Support Systems department (Homo Sapiens team)


The activity went super well and once again I had a great time. Thank you very much for your dedication and time!

PS: In the tunnel I only remembered the movie Exorcist... yes... the demon going through the tunnel! Only you guys could get me in there!"

Sandra Cristina Cardoso, from the Network and Platform Services department (Booooooo!!!! team)

"The experience was very positive, my daughter and her friend were thrilled because they had never done anything like it.

All the suspense, mystery and adrenaline made it a very well spent and memorable evening!"

Tatiana Fonseca, from the Operations Support Systems department (Win team)

"The activity was awesome… I dare say it was the funniest and most adrenaline-pumping I have done of its kind. The whole setting and surroundings provided by the organization helped the Halloween mystique to come through... it felt like we were inside a movie where we were the main actors."

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