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02/08/2021     logOUT

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"Travel & Photography" with Bernardo Conde

On the 6th of July we had a chat with Bernardo Conde, a passionate photographer, specialized in travel, nature and outdoor photography. Currently dedicated to cultural discovery and adventure travel in a professional way, his portfolio already includes trips to Iceland, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Kenya, Morocco, Italy, France and neighboring Spain, among others. Bernardo clearly sees himself as a traveler. He also coordinates the Trilhos da Terra Photography Centre, where he is a gallery curator, photography trainer and does commercial photography work.

During this session, besides telling us all about his experience, he showed us the best of two places where he has travelled several times, Madagascar and Mongolia, showing us how they are two examples of travelling towards a better world. He also left us thinking that these two places are two completely fascinating worlds for their stories, cultures, people and that are  worth visiting one day, never forgetting also the importance of travelling for a more informed, tolerant and proactive society in humanitarian aid.

"Overcoming in present times" with Ricardo Mendoza

On the 21st of July we had a chat with Ricardo Mendoza, who is passionate about inspiring people and organizations to uniquely achieve maximum results.

During this online session, which had "Overcoming in the current times" as the main theme, Ricardo touched on points such as speed, confusion and uncertainty these days, while he asked several questions, in order to generate dynamics between all the participants of the session and to show that in each situation each one has its vision and can see things differently, which is not right or wrong, the important thing is to risk and think outside the box.

Besides the stories he shared, Ricardo showed us that "It is not the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one who best adapts to change" and that "Nowadays excuses are the same as in the past, those who complained and victimized, still get no results", inspiring quotes that lead us to an inner reflection.

Escape Room at the Museum

Due to the great interest in the activity "Escape Room at the Alice Labs Museum", during the month of July we opened the doors of the museum again for this adventure and for some teams that had already expressed their interest in participating to have this unique opportunity. As such, 5 new teams participated in this quick thinking challenge, where they could experience and live an authentic unique experience.

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