logOUT activities - May 2021

05/07/2021     logOUT / Windroller / Quiz

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Windroller are sailing cars made in Portugal, intuitive to use, fast, safe and efficient. They are easily adjustable to the user, the type of terrain and wind. To enjoy the pleasures of a sailing car, only 3 conditions are necessary: wind, space and a Windroller.

With all these conditions in place, on the 20th of May, Altice Labs provided this experience to 8 employees. Taking place in the Oudinot garden, each employee could experience and live an authentic and unique experience, where falls were part of this adventure.

SuperQuiz and Final

On May 26th, 72 colleagues from Altice Labs participated in a general culture SuperQuiz. It was a good few minutes of relaxing and some healthy competition among the participants.

At the end of this quiz, where three winners were elected, it was the turn of the 9 finalists of the last three quizzes to join these 3 winners to dispute the Grand Finale, also about general culture.

It was a great final that elected the 3 best players of this 1st season of online quizzes.

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