Altice Labs celebrates its 5th anniversary

22/06/2021     Anniversary / 5 Years / Innovation / Digital Transition

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Altice Labs' 5th anniversary was celebrated on the 9th of June, in Aveiro, under the Digital Transition theme. The celebration included the presentation of the most recent technological projects developed by the labs and the signing of three collaboration protocols, expanding the innovation ecosystem of Altice Labs and reinforcing its pioneering spirit in Research and Development.

For Alcino Lavrador, General Manager of Altice Labs, we are not only celebrating the 5th anniversary, but also the boldness that "allowed us to affirm the name of Portugal as a technological flagship in the world".

For 5 years Altice Labs has been building innovative solutions integrating emerging technologies in four main areas: advanced connectivity; industry digitalization; intelligent operations and smart life, positioning itself as a creator of solutions for a new normal of human existence: connected, digital, sensorized, enhanced.

In this video you can see how Altice Labs' Products and Services are contributing to the digital transition/evolution, as well as to solving current technological problems or limitations.

During the session some demonstrations were made including: network edge solution, which allows a connected and tailored digitization of several business verticals. Designed to minimize operationalization time at industrial clients, this solution reduces entropy at the clients' solution installations and operation effort by the end client to minimum levels (tending towards zero).

In this sequence, the Live!Port project was also presented, a solution for digital, connected and intelligent ports. The solution provides the necessary functionalities for the massive sensing of the port plant and activity, as well as the respective collection, processing, visualization and application of intelligence on the collected information.

Another project highlighted was Smart Mesh Wi-fi, a smart Wi-Fi solution that ensures the best coverage and experience for the residential customer depending on their location in the house from the router (rather than the repeater). The service includes a cloud platform with troubleshooting, management and analytics capabilities. Also presented was the Wi-Fi 6 router with 10 Gbps symmetrical capacity that is, with symmetrical download and upload speeds of 10 Gbps.

In the Smart Living area, there were three projects on demonstration. The first, BOTSchool, is a solution that simplifies the management of intelligent, multichannel virtual assistants, capable of interacting with humans. In this case, integrating automatically and intelligently the user and installation manuals (the example presented was MEO's Android set-top-box to guide, in natural language and in an intuitive and simple way, the end user).

In terms of TV content, the advanced thematic search in the Android TV application was presented. Through a voice or written command, a search is triggered that goes inside the content to look for the topic in question, aggregating the search results in video clips.

Still in this area, InstaTV was demonstrated, an application for quick sharing of videos and photos on TV. It is a video-messaging service developed for the MEO TV world, allowing the simple sharing of contents from mobile phones to the TV set. This application aims to promote the proximity of families and friends through the dynamics of sharing content without the complexity and noise of social networks.

In addition to the demonstrations of ongoing projects, two new collaboration protocols and a new memorandum of understanding were signed, which bring the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE), the NOVA University of Lisbon and the Port of Aveiro into this ecosystem. "With the protocols we have active, under which we are developing projects, we practically cover the whole country, connecting us to the territory and the real country", admits Alcino Lavrador.

The 5th edition of the Altice International Innovation Award (AIIA) was also presented, which aims once again to reward entrepreneurs and startups in the incubation phase of up to three years and with a branch in Portugal or France, as well as Master's and PhD students in portuguese Academic Institutions.

In parallel with the protocol session and throughout the anniversary day, several recreational activities were available to all employees, from an Escape Room at the Museum, Rally Paper, Games in the Garden, to a Pig on a spit... and Banda Larga, which with all the safety measures adopted, employees were able to spend a different day and socialize with their colleagues.

The Rally Paper started early in the morning with 21 teams, each one in its own car, which headed through the Aveiro region, following a defined route in order to explore unknown paths. The Escape Room, a quick thinking challenge put 12 teams to the test, divided in two days, on the 8th and 9th of  June.

Throughout the campus there were several dynamic games that put the physical dexterity of the employees to the test. During lunch, Rafael Titonelly and several collaborators performed some magic tricks, combining humour and mystery.

Banda Larga performed during lunch, providing a delicious moment with their covers and originals and contagious joy.

The day ended with the prize giving ceremony for the Escape Room and Rally Paper activities.

See how Altice Labs' 5th anniversary went in this video.

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